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Blurry Vision

Last Friday, I dropped my phone. It was not the first time my phone was ever dropped, but this time was different. This time the screen shattered. Shattered phone screens are not the end of the world and thankfully, there was a plastic cover that keep the glass in place, but it was still a mess; and although I was able to use my phone, it was quite difficult. I made the appropriate connections today (yesterday was a holiday Monday) to get it fixed, and sitting next to me, is my repaired phone. All Fixed!


Life is not much different from a dropped phone. Most of the time, disappointments, frustrations, setbacks, or failures are exactly what they are, no different from a dropped phone. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and go on… we are able to overcome the drop i.e. disappointment and continue on. Yet, just like my phone that shattered on Friday, sometimes we are not able to go on as we had been. Sometimes the drop in life stops us so sharply that we have a life change of direction – BUT how do we know how? How did I get information to get my phone fixed? I asked for help. I did not know how to fix my phone…but I knew it had to be fixed. I could not go on with a shattered phone, I could not continue on.


What can we learn from a dropped phone experience in life? How often do we go on looking through a cracked screen, settling with blurry vision – not learning from what happened or even looking for healing, but going on blurry and guessing (or cringing) at what might be next, and or truly now knowing where to go next – at a loss.


How long will you put up with the cracked and blurred vision in your world, not pursuing what could be. Why do you go through life wallowing in blurriness? Sadly, that blurriness becomes the norm and your vision is warped that you do not even realize anymore. Others, most likely recognize your distorted vision – but you cannot see it for yourself.


What will it take for you to get your blurry outlook cleared? Personally, I do not know how to fix my phone, I asked around and got assistance—such is with a blurry outlook concerned about what will be next, but not knowing how to approach life tomorrow. There are people who can help. I can help. This discussion is not about therapy, but coaching. Therapy most often goes backwards and finds what it is that caused the discontentment, where Life Coaching is designed to start here and go forward. Life Coaching is about self-discovery, examination, and awareness.


If you would like more information about Life Coaching, I would love to talk with you! You are never stuck, and life is never blurry… it is all about perspective – clear focused perspective.



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  1. Rose Rose

    Sometimes I need Jesus with skin on! I so long to be able to have someone’s arms around me and just hold me!

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