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Some days…


Some days are just harder than others… thankfully every day is a new and life continues. You are not a living breathing human if you have never had a hard day. A hard day is different from a bad day. A bad day is an attitude problem; where a hard day is when you take every circumstance, happening, or battle, that occurs and look for the blessing; the positive; the lesson; the adventure; the environment; and maybe how to keep whatever happened from happening again. How can you transform the circumstance or happening into an entire different concept, venture, or path to be explored for something amazing in your future?

Bridges are crossed and burned, and battles won and lost every day because of how we perceive ourselves – or maybe more truthfully – how we perceive others perceive how we perceive ourselves. Yikes! God created us each to be unique, yet we seem to judge what is different than celebrate or learn. Hard days will lessen their occurrences when you live a life more aware of yourself – and less aware of others. The more aware you become of yourself, the more open and available you are to how God designed you – and you are able to celebrate differences instead of deride others.

Hard days are going to happen. They are part of life. Do not dwell or wallow – look for your next step in every area, circumstance, happening, or battle – you would never know a good day if you did not have a hard one.

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