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What We Learn

“What we learn from experience depends on the kind of philosophy we bring to experience.”— C.S. Lewis

What we learn is the key to the above statement.

Experiences prove to exhibit memories; where philosophies can keep experiences and therefore memories from happening. So many stay on the beaten path… and there are times to stay but in the big picture of life… get going and moving, life is to be lived. We all have different experiences up until the point our lives merge, sometimes it is just a path that crosses, but at some point we shared a memory – even when we take away something different from the experience – it still shapes us and those around us uniquely.

Snoopy says it well:

Every day is to be lived. Work, play, eat, sleep, yes you can do it all… life is about balance and enjoying each moment – and each moment can be an experience and can be shared and will shape us how we chose to respond (or react) becomes the philosophy we live with and take to the next experience of our lives. There is a very thin line between responding and reacting, where reacting will most likely result in your need to apologize, where responding is most likely and opportunity for all involved to grow. Choose wisely. If you wonder if you are a responder or reactor – ask a few you trust – you may get different answers especially if you are a reactor. It is possible to learn to respond, all those around you and your blood pressure will be very appreciative. It is about What We Learn – and therefore, take with us.

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  1. Rose Rose

    That’s hard when all you have ever been was a reactor.

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