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Wise Men Speak

Wise men speak because they have something to say;

Fools because they have to say something. ~Plato


There are three different perceptions we project on others by their verbal offerings into our lives.

  1. Those who talk
  2. Those who invest or are vested
  3. Those who just are


We all know people who just need to be quiet. When we see them coming we either hide or attempt to retreat. I often wonder if these people just like to hear themselves talk. There are others that we just love to be around because whatever comes out of their mouth is encouraging or challenging, regardless – helps us process what it takes for us to become a better person. Then, there are others that just have no impact, either positive or negative, they just are.


As you think about the past month, week, day, even hour of your life, where do you fit in the above descriptions. Do you really know? Is it possible to be perceived as all three to different people at different times? Is that really a good thing? I think not. If you are brave, if you can handle it, ask … ask those who are around you often, but in different environments. Ask a kid, they will be more honest than you might be able handle, but they will be honest.

However, this challenge comes with a warning. Be forewarned, you have a certain projected perception of the people you will be asking, including children, which category you place them, will very much influence how you hear their response.

I believe life to be about gaining understanding of self and others… the greater understanding of yourself the greater understanding you will have of others… If you are a “talker” and completely unaware of yourself, you will not have any idea to what I am even referring, if you think everyone is a “talker” then you might not follow this either. If you truly want to gain greater understanding and communication, back up and assess… you will be amazed to what you can learn, for the positive and negative you discover about yourself.

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