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A New Day!

A New Day!

It has been over a year since I have posted or written anything for that matter …but today is Day 1! I am going to commit to a little bit of writing… there are so many things that I would like to say, or maybe vent to be more specific, but I am not that person, I am on my way!!!

My world is quite different, but with that said, I am now much healthier and freer and happier than I ever was. There are many layers to my story which I am still working to unwrap; this is the place to offer that discovery and I hope that others can learn from my experiences. I would never claim to have it all together, I have significant history to deal with and a future to explore and I am extremely excited about both! As one approaches their personal history – it needs to be a lessons of healing – not dwelling, or accusing, or anything of the sort – but a true washing and healing of the entire self, mind, body, and sprint! And as this personal healing evolves and continues to emancipate the adventure of the perception of one’s future become stimulating and exciting where it was once a dark concern of what discovery could evolve – no more coulda’ shoulda’ or woulda’ but a watch out world – here I come!

Here Mercy Me with a message about going after the dream!!!

Mercy Me “On Our Way” on YouTube

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