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About the N.0.W.


Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? Twenty? A question posed along the way, job, career, family, etc. All well and good, BUT what about the NOW. The response of many of, it takes the NOW to get to the future… sure but what about it? Focusing on a fabulous defined future appears to be a healthy idea and a forward thinking concept, existing today but living for tomorrow. All seems well with this perspective yet, I believe that something is missing.

How tightly do you hold on to what will be? Not what could be, but what will be. Letting the future evolve from the NOW, all the while guiding, planning, fulfilling tasks, achieving goals, and not letting go or losing sight of what will be!!!

I would like to offer a new perspective. N.O.W. Now Offering Willingness. Willingness to be available at the moment to what is the moment. Not what is predestine, but what is happening around you. How can you be available to serve, live, enjoy right where you are, right now. What are you waiting for? So many are waiting for what they believe is their future when their future is what is actually happening. Psalm 27:14 states to “wait on the Lord” for years I read this as was what to come, but I was shown and now understand this is an active wait. A N.O.W. wait, being available to learn and become stable NOW – it is a push through wait – not a watch and wait. Backing up to the beginning of Psalm 27, David calls out to God saying, here I am, where are you? The daily grind is inevitable, but God is exactly who He said He is and will continue to do what He said he would do – no waiting for God… needs to be active willingness for me!

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