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Academic Coaching: help to make it thru COVID – 19


To: Students and Parents,

Beyond our control, our world is in crisis, and we all are impacted.

It is imperative, that when at all possible, students keep on with their schoolwork. On-line/distance learning sounds great in theory, but be forewarned; it is most often very difficult and a major challenge for most individuals. I can help.

This crisis must not be an excuse for students to miss out in educational opportunity and without the environment of formal classrooms, to which most are familiar, I am concerned that many will. Formal classrooms environments and direct instruction are what most are accustomed, and therefore are not self-learners, they are told what to learn, not taught how to learn. I am concerned that most students will not know how to make learning happen on their own and most likely become frustrated (and parents become frustrated) and even lose interest in trying. Education should not be a burden – but a privilege… I am able to help.

I am a private academic coach/tutor – I work with students in one-on-one setting, most often basic math through upper level Calculus and most other subjects along the way.

I am willing to meet with small groups of students – different ages and subject levels will not be a problem. (Elementary thru college) This country was founded with small school (one-room) and home school environments and we can do it again today.

One of my unique gifts is to help people learn how they learn. I have found this offers a fresh new perspective on learning and what was thought as a burden then becomes an adventure and even enjoyable. Please note it is very possible that the education system we have been accustomed will be changing because of the crisis at hand and we all need to be prepared.

I believe working with people to a privilege and an honor. There is no greater reward than building relationships and serving others. I enjoy people and the opportunity to influence lives and help people learn to better themselves. Through coaching & tutoring math, and now being available in this time in a unique way, I have had and will continue to have such opportunities.

It is very critical in this time of crisis that education does not become overlooked or set aside.

If I can be of assistance to help you and your students during this time – to stay on track and even possibility get head – please email, text, or phone (leave a message) me today!!

I can help.


Teaching with you,

Dr. Janie Christine (jc.) Cauthen

Talk/ Text 512-968-5272

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