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Adjust your Angle with Awareness

We all have our own eyes, and therefore have our own way of looking at things. How we look at things today is also determinate to what we saw yesterday – and every yesterday before. All humans, yes all, have and are deceived at some point… communication failures are more common than communication successes… if I say something I can only hope that you can actually hear me because what I say will be influenced on what has been said to you before, by me and by others, or even what other conversations you have been told between other people.

Soooo, what is your angle? Do you need to change how you look at things? Why do you look at what you look at the way you do? What is your history? What do you hold on to that might have nothing to do with you or the current situation/conversation but still affects and can effect how you respond this time? We all have them, it is our ability to be self-aware, having a greater understanding of oneself to make sure the angle we take is not one of reaction but of response. If people can learn to respond – i.e. Think before they react/speak instead of “jumping to conclusions” or “flying off the handle” or being “hot headed,” there would be less reacting and more successful communication. People forever will have their own angle, because thankfully we are all different, but at the same time it is opportunity to explore new angles… there are 100’s if not 1000’s of ways to look at things, why do you limit yourself to what you have only known, it is time to explore and become more aware of yourself.

Self – reflection and then therefore the admittance of self-awareness is risky. Most are more aware of what they don’t like about themselves, but do not want to admit faults, and have  no concept on how to adjust to like themselves more, or they would do it – they are stuck – they have one angle- that of what they have known. Awareness Coaching and Identity Coaching are a real and successful thing – if one truly wants to grow and live life to the fullest!

You only have one life to live. Living with an if — then or when – then attitude keeps you there – it is time to live.



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