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A few years ago, I was summoned for jury duty for the first time in my life. As the date approached for the selection of my civic responsibility many were advising me on how to get out of having to serve and others where sharing their experiences of being on a jury. I got to thinking. IF for whatever reason that someday I was on trial and a jury was responsible for deciding my fate, I would want someone like me on the jury, why would I want to be excluded from the opportunity?

Long story short – none of us were selected because something had been “leaked” from the newspaper and they had to move the trial, as it was becoming more high profile every day.

Serving on a jury is a specific event, where life happens every day. Every day we all have the opportunity to achieve greatness, overcome challenges, and influence people. We are most able to be instrumental in another’s life when we have a greater understanding of ourselves. Self-Awareness is one of the most valuable qualities one can develop. The development of self is not magic, nor does it happen overnight – but a better understanding of self is a great start to becoming the type of person you would want to meet!

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