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Blind Spots.

There are 211 verses in the Bible that address wisdom, James 1, states that if one lacks wisdom to ask God and James 4 that you have not because you ask not. Sounds simple enough – if you need something, ask. BUT – what if you don’t know what you need how are you to know what to ask.

What does it mean to be wise?

Wisdom is available when self-importance and arrogance no longer rule your life. As long as P&E, pride and ego, govern your life and therefore your decisions, you will not be able to apply wisdom even if you are “given” it. P&E have a way of creating blinders to wisdom, which is a very dangerous way to live. Living fully is not possible with blinders. Most with blinders are so haughty and proud they are not even aware of their blinders and tend to make life miserable for those who attempt to be a part of their life.  

Step back and look around – is it you with blinders? To whom do you accuse of having blinders? Be very careful, it is most likely you…


Do you have a case of P&E?

Do you have blind spots you are not willing to admit?

Have you heard others say that they need you treat them differently?

Do you feel as communication with some is like speaking a different language – when in reality, the spoken language is the same but communication is garbled by your blinders and resolute?  

Broken families, sibling rivalry, disengaged relationships, divorce, misleading communication or major communication gaps, feelings of unacceptance and rejection – be listening and watching – You must become more self-aware! You must find someone you trust to help you remove your blinders so you can live life fully!

If none of this applied to you, but you thought of someone who it did while reading – you most likely have a serious case of P&E? Please re-read with an open heart and mind. P&E is curable, but what must come first is admitting you have it!




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