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Cauthen Consulting Group

Cauthen Consulting Group is made up of local individuals who have the desire to improve themselves and advance their organizations through specialized training, unique implementation, and strategic Business Pairing©.

Business Pairing© is learning how to strategically pair your business or businesses with others, seemingly different than yours. Business Paring© is a new concept for the business world, particularly the small business or franchise owner to consider, it is not the revision or revamping of an old concept – so do not lose heart or jump to conclusions – open your mind to thinking in a new way, communicating in a new way, and enjoying life at a new level. A wise man once said something to the effect of that if we cannot adjust to a New Normal – we most likely cannot adjust at all.

The local small business owner’s predicament is ultimately tri-fold. First, most often, their professional skills are solely that of their industry or trade, not business or management; secondly, they do not believe training is available to them due to cost and time required; and thirdly, the ongoing struggle with employees. A hired employee does not usually share the passion of the business owner. They are giving of their time and typically not concerned with the success or failure of the business, they are only concerned with their investment of time in exchange for a paycheck.

Hiring a consultant is an expensive investment of not only money, but precious time. This unique concept of Group Consulting using Business Pairing© utilizes others within your community who also have the desire and willingness to advance their organization through personal development investment. You will learn that there is no real competition out there and life is truly about learning from others.

Receive ~ Learn ~ Achieve


  • 2X a month group
  • 1~ hour each meeting
  • Mini Seminars providing tools and training for the tools for advancement
  • $200-350 membership/ individual / month (minimum of 3 months)
  • small group environment
  • personalized coaching sessions
  • Train-the-trainer environment for “consulting” and “coaching”

Seminar Topics

leadership • time management • listening skills • situation analysis • technology etiquette • social media • 3×5 lists • priority checks •health and fitness • managing marketing • foresight • succession • dream development • mission statements • vision statements • communication • awareness • action planning • team building • connecting • team work • conflict • brainstorming skills • culture • stress • etc.

The outline of the book Business Pairing – A New Concept for the New Normal will be available soon.