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Different Than Before


I am not a big fan of “conflict resolution.” It only leaves room for continued conflict – not resolution of why the disagreement happened in the first place. I prefer to address “creative communication.” Communication in itself will eliminate tension, disputes, arguments, conflict, etc. Conflicts themselves are not the problem, it is how we have learned, been taught, to handle the situation. Situations of disagreements are going to happen, at some point, life does not go as we want or expect it to, so what is the solution? What needs to be communicated so this “issue” does not come about again? Often, communication needs to be creative, meaning, different that what has worked before.

With whom and/or under what circumstances do you find yourself in a dispute, red-faced, heart racing, and about to flip? At some point you have given that person the power or the situation your permission to affect you to the point of anger… reassess… breathe! First things first, control yourself; do you really want to have to apologize? Solutions are many – explore them ALL!! One will work – gather others around you to explore options and solutions – do not burden yourself with another’s lack of ability to be creative in their communication—express yourself wisely. Wisdom is the bottom line to creative communication

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