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Who are you really?

Are you who you have been told you are?

Have you truly explored your uniqueness?

Pride and ego are the greatest challenge to the discovery of identity, and the greatest hurdle for being courageous. It takes courage to investigate yourself, it takes even more courage to pull others around you to have them part of the process. The “who” you have become v.s. who you are becoming, is who you truly are! There is only one you, who you are is your identity – yet always acclimating to self. Identity is a unique setting – most pull their identity from others… very few are bold enough to explore who they are, most often fearful of what they might discover. The conclusion all should reach is they have room to grow, learn, and make life happen at a new level, because that is what life is about: the process of discovery. Pure discovery is about the journey of life. If one concludes that they don’t like who they are, or most often who they have become, i.e. how they have been influenced by other people or the world in general, it is then the opportunity to recreate. This recreation of self is the process of self-awareness and journey which therefore proves to be the true exploration of identity. The choice has been made to not be like another but to determine uniqueness.

Now, as humans, we all share certain things, we tend to associate with those who like what we like, listen to what we listen to, eat what we eat, do what we like to do… that does not limit our uniqueness it allows for us to continue to explore who we really are and why we are drawn to those things and those people – that is where uniqueness evolves.

Funny story: One evening many years ago, traveling in Dallas, Texas, with a friend we were zooming south on 75 and we looked over and saw a small sedan with four males, all who had crazy spikey colored mohawks. We laughed and laughed. Society would say that one has a mohawk to be different, to stand out, well – they did – to each other. This is the point, be unique, always be in the process of discovering who you were created to be, but don’t discount those who join your journey on their own journey of discovery.

Discovery of self is change and change is inevitable, it is part of life. A Greek philosopher from 500BC, Heraclitus stated, “The only think that is constant is change,” and still to this day – this is true. Change is something that we all must deal with, it is where our identity comes from, it how we ebb and flow through life, it is our journey and ours alone. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, yet preparing for life is the goal.

Grow up people, be courageous – quit what was, and become what is destine for your discovery of uniqueness!



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