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Most often when one references “forwarding” they think of a forwarding address, one moved, one’s post needs to be delivered to a different address. Addresses change, people move, people move on… where are you? Behind, behind what? Moving, moving in which direction? Stagnant and not going anywhere? Not your physical neighborhood or mailing address but your place in your world where do you fit? Are you advancing yourself and those around you? As C.S. Lewis states, “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending” where I would like to say, change the future.

Your past is your past and your future is your future – your past will always have an influence on your future but should never be a determinate of your future. Sadly, many use their past as an excuse for their current behavior/attitudes/predicaments when in reality – it is only an excuse… a reason to not make good decisions or choices. No, you can’t go back history is history – it is what has and continues to contribute to who we are, the decisions we make, how we view the world and how we view each other.

Step up and knock off the excuses and make things happen. As was posted two weeks ago, “Just Start.” It is time, the time as come to not live in the past, but for the future – most likely in your same physical location – you need a forwarding for your personal self and what you are truly capable of… and what is that you ask yourself, what is it that you know you should be doing and are not? It may be eating differently or a complete career/job change. Get out of the past and forward yourself to a new level of living!! Start where you are and create that ending – which I offer a warning, once you really get going your ending will most likely not be that you could have even imagined!! God is biggest and your best interest in mind – you need to get out of the way of yourself. No one can do this for you, but there are those who can walk aside you… this is what we call coaching! If you really want that transformation, I would love to be your coach!

You can read more on how I define coaching:

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