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Holding On?

This morning as I as perusing FB there was a story/article about a half a glass of water. The early discussion was thought to be of half full or half empty, which was not the point. Then the discussion moved to how much the glass weighs – which guesses were presented, yet again that was not the point. So what was the point? Half full or half empty nor no matter how much it weighs—if you continue to hold the glass it will get heavy, maybe not at first, but eventually. Eventually your arm will cramp or your hand get shaky. The focus on the glass is minimalized as your arm and hand become more uncomfortable, and you most likely do not even know what you are even holding – and for that matter why you are holding.


How often in life do we believe we have the correct perspective? (Ex: Teenagers who believe they know it all.) Then, along the path of life, we learn new things and/or experience something and our perspective changes – hopefully, gaining wisdom along the way. Yet when in reality – we are still holding onto something that not being difficult or “heavy” at first becomes such a chasm in our life we cannot even see what we were holding. It is not a lack of wisdom, or a lack of ability – but the lack of capacity to apply wisdom and ability to set whatever down that has caused preoccupation of the distraction where if we would learn not to hold on – but apply the wisdom and ability we have learned and earned.


Can you even see what you are holding on to or are you symptoms preoccupying your world?

What do you need to set down?

What do you need to stop holding onto?

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