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rabbit in the hat

The single biggest problem in communication

is the illusion that it has taken place.

~George Bernard Shaw


In simple words, illusion is deception, where there is a false or misleading conception of reality. Reality is one thing, where what was perceived was something else completely. Magicians have used illusion for years to draw an audience, wow, woo, and make money by tricking the eye of the beholder.


Many times communication is often an illusion, and if illusion is deemed deception what does that say about communication? In reference to the above quotation – the challenge with communication is that there is no affirmation of understanding. Communication is not about talking or listening, it is about affirmation of understanding the next phase of relationship. IF a relationship is not evolving towards a new place, it is declining – there is not a middle ground with communication or relationships.


If you truly want to avoid deception in communication – and move every relationship you have to a new place of communication consider this:

1st Ask for affirmation of what you have attempted to communicate.

2nd When someone is attempting to communicate with you, speak back what you understood for clarification.


These two patterns of behavior will create an open place of understanding… creating a new level of communication and in turn improved open relationships.



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