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Just Start!



Just Start.

The other day it finally hit me, write it down and make it happen!

Three things that I have been putting off – I wrote them on a paper and made a commitment to myself and bingo – I am making them happen. Not huge things, but things that will impact my future if I just get started!!

So often we think, I need to do this, I need to do that, someday I will but in reality, someday is long past and you haven’t. Find me a person who wouldn’t shake their head in agreement… so it is time and here is my challenge to you. Just start.

Get out a small piece of paper and jot down the two top things that you are going to start doing… not a complex agenda – keep it simple and make that small daily commitment to yourself and … do it!

If you need the push, confide with a friend and request them to ask you about your list… or get a giant piece of poster board and write them on that. What will it take for you to not only write them down but make them happen?? Regardless of what that might be, just start!



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  1. Lisa Broussard Lisa Broussard

    Absolute truth! Thanks for the reminder!

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