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Life Coaching is….

Life Coaching deals with the present and the future with the focus of achievement and fulfillment. It does not examine or dig into the past beyond identifying the patterns of behavior, it therefore helps you creates your future. It is not therapy, but can provide remedy to many of the personal (family or organizational) challenges. A Life Coaching environment is not one to bring complaints or deal with deep seeded wounds, but to do the work necessary to identify the root of the challenge and enter the relationship with anopen mind how a successful future can be different than initially imagined.

Life Coaching provides insight, feedback, and leadership to individuals (families, or organizations) for professional and personal development and enrichment. As a Life Coach, I will help identify the true and attainable long-term goal and the smaller or daily/weekly/monthly goals that bring create reality to the long-term goal. As your coach, I am not the authority of your life, that is your job, but I will be a partner in the process. I do not have the answers but will help you to explore the possible answers and or solutions.

Life Coaching is an active, not passive, experience. It takes work. It is an interactive intentional process of being, growing, learning, and becoming what could be. Life is not about dealing with what comes your way, but about being intentional and making the most what life CAN be. Life coaching will help to bring balance to your life by adjusting your margins, identifying your lost time, and allowing you to gain insight to who you truly are and why it matters. Life coaching will help you to understand yourself at a new level understanding the true value of self-identification.

Life Coaching is a personal experience for me with you. All people were created differently, and therefore all coaching sessions are created for the individual. The recognition of potential is one of my greatest gifted areas and something that is a true blessing for me to share in a coaching relationship.

Life Coaching is encompassing of head, mind, body, and spirit. If one part or area of your life is struggling, it brings the rest down so you are not able to reach your full potential. Remember as you enter a Life Coaching relationship with me, I only want the very best for you!!

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