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Living with intention … Legacy.

Who doesn’t love fairy tales – they ALL begin

“Once Upon A Time”

& end with

“all lived Happily Ever After.”

Have you ever considered that your “once upon a time” actually determines your “ever after”? And your “ever after” actually, begins today?

My inspiration for this week’s writing is Dr. Swindoll’s Insight for Living daily radio program this week; he was addressing DTS students sometime this past year challenging them with his message “What Will You Pass On To Others?” [1]

To live with intentionality within the mindset of creating legacy is how I would contribute and add to his message. Living with intention. The idea of creating an intentional legacy is something I have spoken and written about for years. The real value begins to appear when the concept of True Mentoring becomes defined and lived out. “True mentoring is the responsibility of an individual to be available to participate in the life of another, without agenda or structure but with direction and flexibility, most likely happening over a lifetime.”[2] Sharing into another’s life who you are where there is a transfer of personal accountability to then share with another. I believe that True Mentoring is measurable when the one being mentored behaves/participates/ contributes towards another as was shared with them, continuing a cycle of investment in another.

When one lives with intention, one makes daily decisions with legacy in mind. Sometimes I have encouraged people to write their own “epitaph” in expectation of working to design their future to show themselves in a place where they are making decisions in a future perspective of living with intention. Other times ask difficult or subjective questions under the pretense to get people to think in a new way. My set of questions are fun but challenging to work through when the individual understands the goal – and very frustrating for those who are stuck on themselves, but it most often works out.

In the biggest picture, legacy is about living intentionally. And with this concept or personal agenda on the forefront, daily decisions will contribute to what one leaves behind. “Legacy is defined as something handed down; passed on to another, and only to another; you cannot keep legacy to yourself. Whatever your legacy was not yours – it is what you leave behind, but does not require the death of another.”[3]

What is your past for the future? Are you creating an intentional legacy that will contribute to the lives of others? What will you be known for? What will you leave behind?  Because it is not a newsflash that ya’ can’t take it with you, only leave something behind, and happily ever after is not reality – life is tough.

Are you living with intention… or just going day by day like a leaf in the wind, it is time…

Step up!!!

If you would like to have more discussion on this, please email me jc@cauthenconsutling.com

Life is not a fairy tale – it is an adventure – to be created and then therefore lived out! Make it happen. Take care and get after life! Live the adventure – create your legacy!


[1] Swindoll, Charles. The Pros and Cons of Ministry, “What Will You Pass On To Others?” 2023. Insight for Living Mobile App. April 18-19, 2023.

[2] https://cauthenconsulting.com/true-mentoring/

[3] https://cauthenconsulting.com/please-think/

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