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Never Been?

What has never been for you that you would like to have happen? Hold that thought, because my next question is how much of it can you control? So many live with a carrot of what they want to happen in front of them but no capability of reaching it… yet it seems to hold them back from truly experiencing life. They are so stuck – or maybe even content – in believing that they much reach that carrot before they are happy? Loose weight? Change jobs? Get married? Etc, etc! I could go on and on. We, as humans, want things and need things and often get these confused. Confusion most likely comes from what we have been told – and therefore our perspective on what we have experienced. If four people were each standing on a corner of an intersection – and there was a wreck – each would have a different perspective on what happened. Each would have their own perspective on the experience of witnessing the crash.

We must keep this in mind when we are looking on a new year, newness ahead needs to be adjusted from our perspective, experiences and what we have been told. What we have been told is what has resulted from another’s perspective of experience, which can be wonderful or very dangerous. It is very important that we put and keep people around us who will contribute to the positive of newness.

What has never been can be amazing? What will you go after this year that has never been in your world? Big or small – adjust the perspective of your experiences to live life to the fullest!!

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  1. Rose Rose

    I’m doing something at the end of the month that I never thought I would do…IFly! I’ll keep you posted!

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