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New Language

I once listened to a man speak of his death experience. He died in a terrible car accident, then was brought back to life. He spoke of what he experienced in heaven and his recovery; it was pretty amazing. But what I took away and think of often is his verbiage of a “New Normal.” He looked at life very differently after his death experience…

As we enter a new year, it is a good time to reflect on what we are going to do now – not so much on what was, but what will be. What is that needs to be no more – what isn’t that needs to happen? One of the very first things that needs to be addressed is self-talk, we all do it and damage ourselves and others along the way – are you even aware?

What voices play in your head that need to stop? Ya’ know that song that gets stuck – plays over and over and over and becomes annoying well, negative self-talk or thinking is like that song, not annoying as such, but quite damaging. And not just to you but to all of those around you. Even if you never say it out loud, your verbiage will reflect what is going through your head and what your heart is struggling with. And if you are in denial of this that is very apparent in your stubbornness and or inflexibility to learn about yourself – to be more aware of yourself and your ability to influence without intention.

A new language needs to happen, I am not saying that the struggle will go away – but it will be closer to being dealt with. And be prepared, when one is dealt with, another will appear; this is not a bad thing because life is meant to be lived, not struggled through. As we learn to live at a new level, we will find more joy and reason for living. When we learn to redirect the negative self-talk and thinking we will find that we are more pleasant to be around and do not feel as if we have a cloud over our heads.

Be for warned… this is not as easy task – and it is very unlikely that you will achieve this solo, you must be willing to admit you need a new language and pull people around you who will not demean you for your past, but help you towards and enlightened future. It will take work, but I can promise you – you will become a better you as a result!!!



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