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NOW Part 2: Perspective is everything.

We have all heard the term “life happens.” Some believe they make it happen, others live in response only… it takes all kinds, what kind do you want to be?

Do you feel as if your world is a black hole, or have you just pulled yourself from the black hole and trying to move forward with healing ahead?

In reference to the NOW ~ what you have right now is your NOW.

Today – isn’t

Tomorrow – isn’t

Yesterday – isn’t

So, what is? NOW wherever you are, morning, noon, or night, sleep or no sleep, alone, with another, or in a group – what you have is your NOW. Your NOW is much more than living for the moment, it is about the confidence of who you are created to be. We are created beings, each designed for a unique purpose to contribute to the NOW of others. We are beings, not “doings,” or “plannings” or “couldbeings” we are NOW.

Each moment of each hour of each day is an opportunity for NOW. It defines who you are from another and from one day to the next… which is what makes you you, your identity!

Identity within your family, peer group, community, within yourself. So many flounder and wonder yet when approached about doing the work – they won’t. They hold onto something from the before which creates a limit of being able to NOW – it is not a bad thing to be limited – it is a terrible thing to stay limited. Growing through limits creates a since of adventure towards life that longs for the NOW.

As the holiday season approaches us once again and we think back over the past year, we all have changes – nothing is the same as it was a year ago – or least it shouldn’t be. Stagnancy is toxic, as in a stream that isn’t flowing as it is in a life. Humans, you and me, have choice, we will always be a product of our choices – so what in your life is the same, what is different, what should be different that isn’t? We cannot control the “should have,” but we can approach the future with a different perspective that comes from healing and NOW.

Ponder your NOW… don’t wait, start the work today. Each set of work looks different – don’t hold another’s set of “work” against them as it is different from yours… bottom line – get started live your NOW – only you can be you and only you were created to be you – who are you, what is your identity? What defines your NOW?


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  1. Rose Rose

    Wow, when you have only lived in the past for the last I don’t know how many years, this is encouraging and very scary. But I hope worth the adventure!

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