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Opportunity of Blessing.

Opportunity of Blessing.

The question rumbling in my head and soul this morning is “What does it take?” What does it take to make it through the day? Week? Month? Year? What does it take to develop relationships as Christ set the example? What does it take to continue keeping on when all seems to be attempting to squish you? Opportunity.

The world and society have their answers and everyone has an opinion. However, scripture has one that I would like to present, the one that holds up in absolute: perseverance, steadfastness, and faith result in opportunity of wisdom. Wisdom come from God alone so if one is left to their opinion derived from personal experience and outside worldly influences, they reside in hopelessness. Opportunity of blessing is what it takes!

In his book, James presents trials as opportunity, nowhere does he say they are fun and feel good, but he does show how with an eternal perspective they are worth it. They mold Christ-like character, allow for proper perspective, and ultimately result in blessing. The challenge for many is the pure acceptance of blessing, because “it” does not look like what they were expecting. Expectations of opportunity are hard-pressed to be refined by anything besides trials. Trials, although are not welcomed by the world, should be embraced by believers in Christ; it is then we know that we are where we should be – and the future can be nothing besides blessing! We must learn to be thankful for the opportunity of blessing!


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