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Patterns = Results

Life is about patterns. Patterns are visual and outward displays of life and behavior. Some patterns are easy to identify at the onset where others are not as easy as they are the result of behaviors that produced a result as the outcome of the pattern.

For example – physical health in regards to weight. One does not get overweight and out of shape overnight – one does not go to bed in good shape and wake up the next morning out of shape. Becoming “out of shape” is the result of a pattern of behavior. It may be a behavior of not eating what your body can use, and therefore stores, or it may be that you are not physically active. Either way, a pattern of behavior has influences for the positive or the negative – there is nothing neutral about a pattern of behavior.

Many people live in an attitude of neutrality and live in a state where they are “out of shape” in many areas – the discussion of physical appearance is easy to identify – on the backside (pun not intended) – but what about mental, emotional, and spiritual?

Patterns of behavior are about personal awareness. Awareness of oneself results in the identification of patterns – for positive and for negative. Those who are aware of themselves can adjust their patterns accordingly decreasing the negative and increasing the positive. Results happen – positive or negative – behavior produces results.

If life is about patterns, then life is about results – what happens in life is a result of attitudes and commitments of choices towards instruction, knowledge, and training.

Two questions:

  1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind that is a pattern in your world – a pattern of negative influence that has developed that you can only see now looking back – looking back where and when did the pattern begin? What is your attitude toward the result? (where you are now)
  2. Looking back, where were you in life when you had patterns that developed positive influence that are not there now? Why? Can you implement them? What would that look like? Where did you commitment change?
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