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Personal Leadership Training Program (PLTP)

The Personal Leadership Training Program (PLTP) is about gaining personal direction as the ultimate role of a leader in regards to one’s trainability, ability, strengths, weaknesses, and willingness to serve.

The PLTP course is designed to help enhance one’s perception and perspective of what leadership is, how leadership is best implemented at the individual level, and ultimately work to assist in personal leadership development and the development of organizations.

This course in itself will not make a leader or develop leadership skills; both take diligence and work by the individual. This course is only part of the journey that began before participation in PLTP and will continue after the course work is completed.

Participants will be encouraged employ a new way of thinking that will increase opportunity towards new levels of communication and inquiry development, that advance the process of life, living, and personal development and awareness. Expectations of this program is for participants to engage fully, participate wholly, and consider entirely all that is presented, discussed, and offered.

Life is about change and therefore growth optional, it is important to understand the reality of choice, and to choose to not only be available to learn and think, but intentional in learning and thinking.

The PLTP curriculum is designed for small group presentation and individual assignment completion. Each meeting is designed to be anywhere from 60-90 minutes with assignments that should be attended to for the same amount of time, with all working towards a compressive goal.

Succession of Topics.

  1. The Leader in YOU
  2. The Leaders Before You: History
  3. What it Takes to Become a Leader: Leadership Skills
  4. How To Become an Extraordinary Leader: Goal Setting
  5. The Value of Discipline: Strengths & Weaknesses
  6. Theology of Life Balance: Biblical Perspectives of Life Management
  7. Personal Organization & Planning, Time Management
  8. Mission & Vision Development
  9. Dream Development

Please contact me with any questions. Individual and group rates available.


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