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“Men of good will saddled with the fate of others need great courage
to be idle when only rest can clear their fuddled wits.”
~ Lord Moran

Success is balanced by one’s discernment of rest, perception of renewal, sensitivity towards society, and awareness of self. Awareness is not always the visual or the measurable, but is the courage to acknowledge what is imbalanced and make the appropriate adjustments towards the set goals which, when achieved exhibits success; where true success is underlined by the awareness for the need for rest. Society attempts to outline success with no regard to individuality or strength, ignoring value beyond the final product, not concerned with the means only the end. It is here where the push comes and real imbalance is seen in ones determination of success, when value is lost in the priority of rest and renewal. Rest and renewal is individually defined, there is not a master design for renewal, for somewhat may be restful results in stress and chaos for others. It is acknowledgment of balance, which is essential to gain full understanding of the need for rest.
The application to rest takes great courage; it demonstrates a unique confidence and strength to achieve balance, set margins, and establish priorities to practice the essence of rest, which leads to renewal. Rest is not about sleep or idle time but a R.eal and E.stablished S.eries of opportunities for T.ransformation, which leads not only to success but also to balance.


The above is an excerpt taking from an essay. For more information please email me at jc@cauthencosulting. com


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