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R. E. S. Transformation

Life is a series of events that provide memories, where some are held at the forefront to be shared and easily recalled, others are suppressed or require therapy; regardless, transformation occurs. Transformation cannot be dictated, commanded, or prescribed; it occurs in all people as they move through life. Those who are intentional in their choices and applied perceptions are able to find real rest and peace in the process, while others may feel abandon or deserted. People “have a strong need to stabilize their environment. They do not like unpredictability, insecurity, or disorder.”[i] They work diligently to minimize the chaos around them, many times without consciousness. Those who are able to relate and embrace life as chaordic, by finding value in and applying balance towards the establishment of real rest through the opportunities that are presented and by prioritizing reality versus felt need, will experience and acknowledge progression transformation.

Acknowledged transformation is an awareness of success, which is determined by one’s perception of and ability to apply life beyond the moment. Those who can take in and work through the process of events without losing sight of the final goal by finding opportunity in priority to enjoy the process and not be consumed by perceptions.

When real rest is applied, renewal can be achieved, balance can be obtained, and transformation acknowledged for future opportunities for transformational experiences to occur because “transformation of the inner being is as much or more a gift of grace.”[ii] The real gift in life as success is obtained by the desire for balance, through the understanding of Real and Established Series of opportunities of Transformation where rest and renewal are held with value.



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