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Stubbed Toe

download (1)There is a thin, but distinct line between responding and reacting; both require an apology – the difference is from whom.

Although many do, life is not about placing blame on another. Life is about learning, exploring, and moving on. We are not designed to swirl around and neglect personal responsibility. Ideally, we are to learn from what happened, explore why it happened to either repeat or avoid, and go on from there. Like a stubbed toe, there is no one (or thing) to actually blame besides to whom the toe is connected. Most of the time what one stubs their toe on is not a new item, i.e. the bedpost that has been there for years. It is the inability of clear vision to know where one is going. A toe gets to close to a bedpost and BAM! They knew the post was there- awareness was not the issue; it was an issue of clear vision and judgement

Just as with responding and reacting – the issue if an issue of personal responsibility and judgement, the inability of clear and realistic vision is in question. Responding is owning your action, taking personal responsibility, whereas reacting is placing whatever you wish on another. IF you can learn that balance and take responsibility for yourself – you will become a responder. Responding is much less stressful way to live life. As long as you continue to place responsibility on others… and therefore react – you will cause yourself undo stress and find yourself either apologizing or loosing friends, jobs, and opportunities.

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