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Three months from now…

Three months from now, you will thank yourself, or not – it is about discipline.

You may be very motivated, but if you are not disciplined ~ motivation is worthless.

If you have great motivation and ambition to achieve something, good job you! But if you are not disciplined all that you strive for will only be an idea, a notion, a concept – not a reality. Reality is what is actually before you, what really happened, not what you think or want to be before you.

For example: people who claim they want to lose weight but are not disciplined to change their eating and lifestyle habits – so they do not lose weight. Their reality is that they really did not want to lose weight. It is that simple. The mind is where discipline happens – the body achieves what the mind believes. It may be their reality it is something they strive for, but not their reality.


If you want to commit to yourself, take personal responsibility, and make a change – get in touch with me I will help you get on the path to make that happen. There are simple, small changes that can happen – this process is not overnight, but a process… such is life…. Choose to commit!

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