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Today, Tomorrow, or Yesterday?



As humans, we have a unique perspective on time. Time is something we keep track of, some tightly, others loosely, but nevertheless, we keep track. Hours, days, months years, decades, scores, all measures of time. We speak of time lost, or time tracked, how we lose track of time, or how we comment how time flies or how time flew by. I challenge people to identify “time suckers” in their lives; some people are noted to have “too much time on their hands,” while others “never have enough time.”


So what is it? What is your perspective? How to you identify with time?

Do you realize that time is actually a non-renewable resource, once it is gone; it is gone! There are 168 hours in a week, are you accountable for how you spend your time? Are you too busy – are you being lazy – what is on your agenda for today that you could take care of today, should have taken care of yesterday, or will put off until tomorrow. Look back over the last week of your life and do a time analysis… you will be surprised…. If you would like assistance with this… let me know. Time is a valuable resource, with limited supply – are you spending it wisely?

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