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Today. As you ponder, what happened in your life today thing about what happened that was unexpected from what you woke up thinking would happen? Each has a general idea of how their day will play out as each new day begins… yet, how often does that truly happen? Today cannot be again, tomorrow will never come nor can you relive yesterday; yesterday is a shadow—nothing more.

What needs to happen in your life so you have a healthy and balanced focus? What did you learned in light of yesterday in how to approach in today and apply all towards tomorrow? Most are so distracted and concerned with “paying bills” or what tomorrow “may” bring that they are completely unaware that today even happened. It saddens me that focus is not on living life to be enjoyed … but on surviving, but not surviving in the since of food, shelter, clothing – but bill paying and existing. Life is not about existing or bill paying – shocking as it may sound; life is about living. There is no guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow or your time on this earth be eliminated by a circumstances beyond human understanding.


Make sure you communicate your feelings to those who matter. Do not focus on what simply matters to you but love people where they are! Life is about living – not existing or surviving – so, go for the gusto today! Today! Bible references “today” 190 times, “tomorrow” 55 times, and “yesterday,” 9 times…. So… where should your focus be!


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