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Train-the-Trainer Program

Train-the-Trainer Program

Description of service… Cauthen Consulting’s Train-the-Trainer Program…

Putting Value & Purpose Back into Training

Training has become undesirable and even been deemed unnecessary by most who are required to attend. The corporate realm as arrived at place where training has become mandatory for employees to keep or advance their position, fulfill Continuing Education Units (CEUs) requirements, or even implement new office practices or technologies, including new automated processes. Training has developed negative connotations, although it may be required and may be even helpful to few, it is dreaded by most. Sadly, training has become of little value and nearly pointless; it has evolved into a box to be checked or an escape from work phenomenon. Upper level management considers it a good idea as long it is not required of them, if it was, they would be well aware of the problem at hand.

The problem at hand has many facets. Simply, the trainers are not trained – just because one has a skill, does not mean they are able to make the material transferable to another. They are unable to communicate the material with authority – just expected to pass on information to another cohort with limited training skill, enthusiasm, or even vested interest. Many times, those called on to train are not vested in the process and even less interested in the training goal than those who have to endure their presentations. It is an added task to their already busy work schedule, or hired in from an outside source with no concept of what is truly needed.

I long to establish relationships with companies/organizations to come along side all levels of management to enhance their organization where they are able to learn how to invest in the lives of peers, employees, and/or clients at a new level. Cauthen Consulting’s Train-the-Trainer Program offers an all-new perspective on training. It will contribute to the self-discovery of individual’s gifts and talents, and how each unique skill sets is applicable to their current position. As employees are presented with opportunities to improve themselves (not just training) there will be a direct relationship for organizational improvement.

Bottom line: If you improve your people, your company will improve; the investment in employees, results in advancement of an entire organization without the expense of establishing a HR related program. Training is not about human relations, but recognizing human capital strengths and polishing those strengths to the strength of the entire organization.

This type of program would be much less expensive than new hires, new groups, new policies, new handbooks, new training…. I would create a self-supported system of a spirit of personal advancement of current employees, attract new employees and encourage retention.


Projected Project Proposal:

  • Who: Be in partnership with an organization, and some level of upper management. Work with all levels of the organization in a training and trainer capacity.
  • Time Frame: A minimum commitment of 3 months, 12+/- weeks in an organization, learning the culture, establishing relationships, and assessing communication needs. Train-the-Trainer program. [9 weeks over a 3-month period. (2 weeks in the office, one week home for 13 weeks)]
  • Price: Negotiable. Project rate spread out over duration to be paid weekly. Including lodging, transportation, travel, and per diem.
  • Location: Almost anywhere. I can travel internationally.
  • Office requirements: Just as any other employee. Would have space as a new employee in a department. If that is an office then an office, a cubical, then a cubical, shared desk, then a shared desk. Work the same kind of hours as the others, lunch etc, inclusion.
  • Industries: To include but not to exclude any! Oil & Gas, Non-Profits, Education, Hospitality, Medical, Telecom, Food Service (I have a high level of skills that are transferable across many industries.)
  • Materials Created: Legally owned by both parties.

My Goal:

  • Learn the culture and environment of the organization; revamp or create the curriculum, identify and train the trainers & executives, implement the process for ultimate success.
  • Establish in-house training programs that allows for the gifted areas of the employees to shine.
  • Schedule either quarterly or bi-annually assessments, (but would be available if needed) to go in for a week, reassess to keep the in-house program sharp and moving forward.
  • Set up CEU program if necessary, become certified so I am able to offer the program and train others within.
  • To eventually work myself out of a job, where my skills would no longer be needed because the organization would become self-sufficient; yet would also have a resource to address issues as they arise to minimize future issues.


Employee Retention – less need for Human Resource turnover

Encourage personal improvement of employees, improved employees = improved organization.

In-House training – training where training is needed, not just check a box. Create a system for identifying and implementing need.

Offer incentives for employees to learn new areas to advance the organization. (Linear)