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True Encouragement!

download1Encouragement is one’s interpretation of what needs to happen in their heart and mind to inspire action towards the achievement of a heartfelt goal.

No two goals look the same and encouragement of goes far beyond words. Words are what most extend as encouragement because they do not know what else to contribute to another. Words can be great encouragement – but if there is not an action to back up said words, words become noise and if carried on too long, white noise or background noise. We live in a world full of noise, movement, and discouragement, yet so many are told they are on the right track. What is missing? True encouragement. Words backed with action.

Being on the “right track” is very commendable. Great ideas, far reaching dreams, concepts to be developed, businesses to be established, all admirable ventures moving down the “track” of life, yet with no training or guidance on now to move down the track all of these possible endeavors are only possible.

We all have some aspect of life were we should be moving down the track, yet we are just sitting there? What is that for you?

What will it take for you to get moving? If you are willing, please share with me! I want to help you get moving down the track!

Here is all my contact information:

512-968-JCSC (5272)








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