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True Mentoring

True Metorning

True mentoring is the responsibility of an individual to be available to participate in the life of another, without agenda or structure but with direction and flexibility, most likely happening over a lifetime.

Giving of oneself is one of the greatest gifts another can receive. True mentoring relationships represent intentionality of and in personal investment of another. Such relationships are not assignable, nor are there set objectives or measureable goals. True mentoring experiences can not be replicated, calculated, or repeated. Through personal observation and experience, it is clear that true mentoring connections evolve from environments conducive for mentoring relationships to happen. Although to many, mentoring is a programming tool used to transfer a standard, either from a more experienced hired position or older individual to a new employee or child. This is a one-on-one coaching experience, an assignment with an agenda, skill development, and measureable goals, not True Mentoring. Please must stop talking about mentoring and take personal responsibility; become a true mentor.

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