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Truly Living

Truly Living begins with freedom and true freedom is about living out who you were created to be! God created us each differently – we are each unique to ourselves, our gift mixes may be similar, but never the same. We need each other. Not one was created to be on their own. So, with that said, truly living will only happen in community, and only with freedom within self is anyone able to contribute to community in a way that leads to truly living.

We all have a past, we have good memories, bad memories, suppressed memories, and memories that seemingly haunt us. Each is limited by these memories – we are not able to experience the freedom and joys that are available to us, because we are self-limiting without our understanding. It is possible to identify and therefore overcome such limits… it is the identification that is the catalyst to the ability to surpass ourselves and our self-limits to life. Life is to be lived, we are not “doings” we are beings… called to a higher purpose that we cannot understand on our own, it is in the ability to be truly free, can we truly live can we rise to that purpose – to that calling – to achieve what God has designed us to do, and only within community can we live this out.

What is your community? What is your freedom?

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