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Unique Lessons

Ledership is a“Leadership is a lifetime of God’s lessons. Yours will be unique.” ~Robert J. Clinton

Every person and every snowflake is created perfectly and differently. Yet, so many people wish they were someone else, or had the skills, gifts, or talents of someone else. Pretty sure a snowflake never had such a wish. God knew what He was doing when He created all people to be different (for years I have commented that two of me would be a disaster.) 🙂

I have a two fold challenge for you today … Think through and work to answer the following:

1. How would you define leadership? Here Clinton is defining leadership as “lessons.”

2. What makes you unique? How are you different from every other person who ever lived?

Yes these are worded as questions but I am not looking for responses (but they are welcome) but more as a starting place to get you thinking in a new way (a good title for a week long of journal entries.)

Please stop comparing yourself to ANYONE else and work to develop the person you were created to be!

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  1. Linda Linda

    My husband has more leadership in his pinky finger than most people have in their whole bodies! I wish I could bottle it to sell. It’s hard to define. I will be thinking about this!

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