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Watch your Words. Period!

So, I might not be able to read your mind, but I can respond to your behavior. Moreover, when challenged that you did not say something – watch yourself – you did… with your behavior!

Words can be behavior – and behavior can be words. Communication goes way beyond verbiage and is most often not spoken – communication can be felt, experienced, heard, sensed, and even perceived.

Tones of words, words themselves, and there lack thereof words (behaviors) are very powerful and can cause deep wounds. If they are not in agreement – what is being communicated is manipulation – say one thing, do another – not follow through yet have expectations of words being enough. They may be for a while – but it will wear out. People tear people down with their words, but people can be torn down by actions too. We live in a culture that has developed strange definitions. One might say they love someone one day, yet yell at them the next – is that showing love?

The above statement, where one says they care – yet their action “speak” differently, they are communicating strongly that they do not. Do you care or do you not care… are you aware of what you actually communicate through your behavior? I will say, what you care about will come out in your behavior – regardless of what you might say.

IF you are brave enough, ask another… it is usually very obvious to another – it is where your time, energy go – what do you care about??


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  1. Rose Rose

    Nonverbal communication is much more powerful than verbal, couple them together, be careful. For what is in your heart will be communicated!

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