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Chaparral Energy, LLC, Oklahoma City, OK (March 2014 – December 2014)

WellView Trainer/Specialist/Administrator (Drilling, EOR, Production)

  • Participated in the implementation, migration, & rollout of WellView 10.0 from WellView 9.0 & other system updates across operations (drilling, completions, and production) reservoir, accounting and development.
  • Provided orientation, support, and training for advanced clients in the field and office, and end users (office) in all areas and perspectives of operations (drilling, completions, and production) for WellView Updates.
  • Communicated with DBAs and other IT personnel in all areas of development for WellView 10.0 rollout.
  • Gathered community information for the creation of unique training materials for Chaparral Energy employees.
  • Developed specialized training materials for WellView 9.0 and 10.0, each and transition from 9.0 to 10.0.
  • Scheduled and implemented weekly trainings to engineers and engineering technicians, field personnel, and any other office end users who requested the knowledge of the material.
  • Presented training material from 4 to 20 people per weekly trainings.
  • Keep detailed records of attendance.
  • Distributed beginning and ending training surveys for gathering information of knowledge increase as a result of the training project.
  • Created specialized data entry standards for purchased & assumed wells into WellView 9.0 and 10.0.
  • Trained engineers and engineering technicians in specialized data entry standards for purchased and assumed wells for data creation into WellView.
  • Revise well schematics, ensure all data is updated correctly, which included creating a standard for purchased or assumed wells with limited data to provide a working schematic for the engineers and field users.
  • QA/QC field data & continually track data and check for data integrity.
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