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What do you want?

As January happens, I am continuing to ask questions – a January of questions per say. What is it that you want? Not what another wants for you, but what you truly want? And just like what has Never Been, how much control do you have over making that happen.

Listening and hearing are two different things, and God is not a vending machine. So many approach Him with their wants and then get upset and frustrated that He does not accommodate. God is not a God of accommodation – He is a God of passion and caring, He knows what you need and want and loves you as such; He will provide, it just might not look as you think you have it figured out in your head. We must learn to learn what we want, and with God’s help we can accomplish what He wants. We have each been created to be unique – only one!! We each have our own “job” in the Kingdom, none greater or lesser than the other. As humans we put value on stuff, education, power, and property, God does not. It is all His to start with – He allows us the usage.

I have had so many ideas and dreams in my life – and only some have come to be. Somedays this makes my heart sad that I feel like I missed something, other days I get new ideas and dreams. I don’t understand what? or why? or where? or how come? – yet, I believe that God does. I must admit, many days this does not make life any easier – yet I am a big picture girl and I can step back and see that God loves me on a level I do not understand. Humans continue to let me down and hurt me – defining love very differently that God… I must remain centered on who God is, what True Love is and the Truth that He loves me with True Love!!

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  1. Rose Rose

    He is the only True lover of my soul!

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