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What I believe

Salvation: Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through Him is the only way to receive eternal residence with God. He became man to become all things to all people and to save all people from inescapable sin. He is exactly who he claims to be & did exactly what came to do on earth.

Bible: Inspired and without error.

God: the Father Creator of all; knows all, everywhere all the time.

Jesus: God the Son Son of Man, Son of God, Completely human and completely God.

Holy Spirit: Came to earth when Jesus went to be with the Father, is our intercessor and helper to communicate with each other and with God.

Humans: Created in the image of God, Born under sin saved by the blood of Christ.

Baptism: An example set by Jesus; represents dying to self, buried with Christ and arising to new life.

Hell: Eternal Torture.

Heaven: Eternal time to hang out praising God

Theology: Pre-mill., pre-trib.

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