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What you do.

What you do is what you value. That’s it! Your heart is exemplified through your behaviors, your mouth might say something – trickery is all over the place – and eventually what is in your heart will also come out of your mouth, but long before your head or mouth even know – your behaviors are exhibiting your priorities. Are you aware?

One might give grand speeches making claim after claim, or make statements of love and honor but their behavior and activities are what that will either back their claim or present them as a fraud. We see this in politics all the time, but most do it every day. Matthew 5:37(NIV) states, “all you need to say is a simple yes, or now; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” For a yes to be yes, and a no to be no seems so simple, yet most do not do this, yet want to hold others at that standard.

What do you do? Are you aware of how your actions and your behaviors tell the world who you are? What do you do?? What are your priorities, do your words match your actions?





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  1. Rose Rose

    I hope mine do!

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