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Worth Ethic.


If one as a “good work ethic” another most likely acknowledged their ability to get the job done – rarely will one claim to have a good work ethic – they just work to get the job done whether or not any one notices. Work ethic is something that can be taught but is most likely “caught” – applying what has been observed, and/or instilled into another. Worth ethic comes from within; absolutely no one can apportion or eradicate the worth of another. Worth ethic is not about attitude, temperament, personality or disposition. It is about perception of what others perceive for you, of you, and ultimately how you feel about yourself, which in turn results in attitude, temperament, personality, disposition, and how you carry out (action) the above words. Worth ethic is about not about ability to be, but the ability to believe you have worth- and are worth it!


We live in an age of finding or striving for worth, most lack self-worth and have little worth ethic to show. Worth is attempted in numerous of ways, neighborhood/house value, vehicle, law firm, university, congregation numbers, successful children, number of grandchildren, volunteer service, church involvement, and on and on. All those things come at the price of another. To attain such worth the purposed gainer had to give up something or someone to achieve their perception of worth.


Worth ethic is not about what can be achieved… So, what is worth ethic about… it is the full understanding there in absolutely no one who can change who God designed you to be and living as such! People will come and go in your life, some will get it and let you be, some will try to change your direction or your mind or your dreams, and then there will be others who choose to come along side you. They will engage with you and offer inspiration towards your journey; they will support and encourage you how you need to be encouraged, doing everything they can to help you achieve what you are striving for … Relating their worth as something of value to contribute to yours!

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